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    2019.Antologjia Universale "KORSI E HAPUR"4

    2014.Book: World Masters Taza Biennals
    2014.TV programa- Penza, Russia
    2014. Book: Anthology Of Poetry 2014
    2014. Saguenay, Qubec, Canada, newspaper
    2013.”PAINTER OF THE YEAR 2013 LNPSHA” Pegasus “ALBANIA .
    2013.Book: from Banush Imeri Teacher who left traces in education 1955 – 2012 – know names in Shtime.
    2013.Review: from Eriola Azizoli Expres
    2012.Jury lied international exhibitions in Oman
    2012 From: Erjola Azizlolli Expres, publicaition
    2012 Book: Art of the world ” fromKaterina Theofili
    2012 Faruk Tasholli Bota Sot newspaper
    2011 Review from Ina Eskes MA of Art history
    2011 Ese Kritike, Book: from Remzi Limani
    2010 Egyptian art critic: Talaat Tbdul Aziz
    2010 Interview: Michele Andree
    2010 Review from Remzi Limani
    2010 Interview: from Natasha Gunn
    2009 Genius Book
    2008 Tirsdag newspaper 29.januar
    2006 June news the exactly Albart
    2006 May newspaper Bota Sot diaspora
    2006 May newspaper Zëri diaspora
    2006 May newspaper Lajmi
    2006 May newspaper Bota Sot diaspora
    2006 May newspaper Bota Sot
    2006 March newspaper Zëri diaspora
    2006 February newspaper Bota Sot diaspora
    2006 February newspaper Zëri diaspora
    2006 January news the exactly Albart
    2006 January 1. news the exactly Albart
    2006 January 2.news the exactly Albart
    2005 December newspaper Zëri diaspora
    2005 Tineke Prins
    December Book bald branch sing for green
    2005 november newspaper sunday news
    2005 October news the exactly Albart
    2005 October newspaper Zëri diaspora
    2005 October newspaper Bota Sot
    2005 September newspaper Hamburg Abendblatt
    2005 August newspaper Hoheluftbrucke
    2005 August newspaper Hamburg live
    2005 August newspaper Zëri diaspora
    2005 August news the exactly Albart
    2005 July newspaper Epoka e re
    2005 July newspaper Land van Weert
    2005 July newspaper the Trumpet
    2003 July newspaper Koha Ditore
    2003 July newspaper Fontys
    2003 April newspaper the Trumpet
    2003 May documentation and information of foundation centre
    2003 March newspaper Fontys
    2003 April Book Album Artium
    2002 April newspaper country
    1999 December newspaper daily the Limburger
    1999 November Television TV keeps out interview
    1997 Profession booklet cultural rondje
    1996 Utrecht Television reportage
    1996 February profession booklet cultural
    1996 March Radio first left third right
    1996 Newspaper Utrechts nieuwsblad
    1995 March Television TV the Netherlands 2 reportage
    1995 March Television TV the Netherlands 2 reportage
    1994 Book Drite ne Lirikum
    1990 Newspaper Rilindja
    1987 June newspaper Rilindja
    1983 Newspaper Rilindja
    1983 Newspaper Zëri i Rinis
    1982 October newspaper Rilindja
    1982 Newspaper Zëri i Rinis